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The beating heart of Apulia Plants  production are the Mediterranean potted plants and the potted flowers.

Our aim is to produce plants in order to bring them into your houses, to recreate intimate spaces in order to experience the feeling of cultivation and fruit picking every day.

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It is a small perennial plant, cultivated as an annual plant. The Verbena belongs to the family Verbenaceae and it originates from Central and South America and from Europe. It has hanging shape and long branches. The light green leaves are small, oval, sharp, dentate and with marked veins. It produces small and strongly perfumed flowers, variously colored, from white to pink, red, purple and speckled bicolor. The flowers are collected in spikes at the end of the branches. According to the tradition it is a holy plant and it has curative, analgesic and healing properties.

The succulents absorb the water when it abundantly rains and they accumulate water so that they can resist in periods of drought. They are plants suitable for dry weather. The succulents don’t need a lot of water; on the contrary a lot of water can damage them. It’s better not to keep them in sunlight but in a lit place, in a well-drained soil.

The Rhodanthemum is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the family Asteraceae. It is cultivated both in pots and in open ground. It is used to make gardens and flowerbeds more colorful. It prefers sunny positions, loose and well-drained soils; it withstands temperatures of -10 degrees. Watering shouldn’t be very frequent and it’s necessary to do it just when the substratum is dry.

It belongs to the family Liliacae and it originates from Southern Europe and Western Asia. It is a bulbous perennial plant with erect shape. It has bright green and long leaves. It produces a peculiar panicle-shaped inflorescence with many small flowers with orange petals (there is also the “Arabicum” variety with white flowers) that reminds exactly the cockscomb.

It belongs to the family Campanulaceae and it originates from Africa and Asia. It is a perennial cultivated plant, especially in Europe nowadays. Thanks to its rich and long lasting blooming, with electric blue flowers, it is used for the borders. It looks like a thick bush with small and dark green leaves. It produces peculiar light blue little flowers.

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