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The beating heart of Apulia Plants  production are the Mediterranean potted plants and the potted flowers.

Our aim is to produce plants in order to bring them into your houses, to recreate intimate spaces in order to experience the feeling of cultivation and fruit picking every day.

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Pæonia is the only genus in the family Peoniacee and it includes both herbaceous, perennial species which grow up to 1 meter and deciduous shrub which grow up to 2 meters. All species are characterised by abundant and fragrant bloomings which last about 3 months per year, from April to July. Peonies are consideres to be a symbol of prosperity and good omen because of their flowers filled with petals.

Around 700 species originating from Africa and Asia belong to the genus sunpatiens, and the flowers they bear can be either two-tone or striped. Some hybrid varieties bear double flowers. Impatiens New Guinea is a rather tough variety, with big, elongated dark-green leaves and medium-sized flowers.

Rudbeckia is a perennial plant hailing from North America widespread in the northernmost regions of the world as well. It bears mottled flowers which are generally red or orange, and the smallest varieties are most suited for pot cultivation, reaching no more than 20 cm. In the language of flowers, it represents longevity.

Pachystachys is a genus consisting of 12 flowering species in the family Acanthaceae, native to rainforest in the Caribbean and Central and South America. These perennial, evergreen shrubs have rough, elongated, dark-green leaves and they produce in late winter impressive panicles of yellow bracts, from which tubular, white flowers grow in a highly decorative blooming. It is usually preferred as an indoor plant, although it can be cultivated as an annual plant in the garden as well.

Ozothamnus is a genus found in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. Although its common name is “rosemary everlasting”, it actually is a species of plant in the daisy family. It is an evergreen bush with expanded habit, with numerous small, dark-green branches at its base (aromatic foliage) which resembles those of the rosemary. Its pink flowers bloom in late summer.

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