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The genus Agapanthus, originating from South Africa, includes perennial plants which are very easy to cultivate and which produce spectacular bloomings throughout summer. The Agapanthus flowers are bell-shaped and collected in generally blue inflorescences, although some varieties bear white flowers. Both deciduous and perennial leaf species exist and it is important to know to which category the plant belongs in order to be aware of its cultivation needs so that it can be arranged in the right way. These plants, in fact, do not like to be handled excessively. The perennial leaf Agapanthus can be kept outdoors during the winter, albeit only in areas in which frosts are infrequent. Until the first shoots have appeared, the pot with the plant should be kept in a sheltered place and watered with moderation. During this period it is appropriate to fertilize every two / three weeks using a liquid fertilizer diluted in the irrigation water.