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More than a thousand species belongs to the family Begoniaceae, and they all originate from tropical and subtropical areas. The ideal cultivation temperature is around 15° throughout the year; these plants thrive in intense light but should not be put in direct sunlight. During the winter they should be kept in a cool environment, in which temperatures should not drop below 13° C. Begonias should be watered quite often depending on external temperatures; however, it is best to let the topsoil dry out before watering it again. In particular, during winter watering should be drastically reduced.

Begonia Elatior, which is a perennial species belonging to the family Begoniaceae, shows big buds with bright colours such as yellow, pink, while and orange. It grows up to 50 cm in average and its dark green leaves are fleshy and glossy. Delicate clusters of flowers bloom on an erect, rigid stem.