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It belongs to the family Nyctaginaceae, which originates from the tropical zones of South America. It is a climbing evergreen shrub, with sarmentose and thorny branches. Its small, tubular, white or yellow flowers bloom on top of three large, typically pink or fuchsia bracts (nontheless, many varieties with different colours can be found: they can be white, yellow, red, or deep-purple). In order to facilitate its blooming it is necessary full sunlight; shady locations will instead favor vigorous foliage growth. They fear intense frosts.

Bougainvillea California is a climbing, highly remontant plant that can easily grow up to ten meters in height. Hailing from Brasil, it is suited for gardens and balconies with its deciduous, oval or elliptic leaves and its small flowers enclosed in brightly coloured bracts, usually red or purple, continuously blooming over a long period of time.