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It has always been recognized as the queen of flowers, with many meanings depending on the local traditions and the colors of the flowers. It originates from the temperate zones of Europe and Asia (the “Kordana” or “mini” variety originates from China). It is a thorny shrub with erect shape (it can also be cultivated as climbing with the aid of espaliers or pyramids). It has small, dark green and serrated leaves and produces the characteristic flower with many velvety petals with white, yellow, orange, pink, red, speckled colors. In many varieties the flowers are perfumed; the “Kordana” variety stands out for the slightly smaller flowers and for the blooming that is flowering much more abundant and lasting than the other cultivations. For its features, as well as an ornamental plant, dried flowers of the rose are also used to produce infusions and essential oils for cosmetics.